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Dry River (novel), Bridge House Publishing, June 2023

‘Quarantine Season’, re-published in Colours of Covid, March 2021
Read it here

'Down to the River' (short story), Route 57: Environs,

Modern Natures Issue, 15 (April 2019), pp. 107-112

'Backstroke' (short story), The Manchester Review, 19, December 2017
Read it here

'Dry River' (novel excerpt), The Manchester Anthology (Manchester: Centre for New Writing, University of Manchester, 2013), pp. 70-74


'Inside Stories', The Independent, June 9, 1999: 24-25

'Three Lights Lived:  Profile of Beulah Quinn’, Island Journal, Vol. 3 (1986): 55-57

‘Aldebaran’ (poem), streetcake magazine, Issue 78.2, May 2022. 
Read it here

'Quarantine Season', Cicatrice, Iso-Poetics Issue, April 2020

Read it here

'On the Road' (poem), The Wandering Bard, Autumn Issue, September 2018
Read it here


'Now is the Winter of Our Discontent', 'Underworld', 'Sewn Up' (poems), Long-listed, Magma, 59, June 2014

“Penobscot Poultry and the Story of Linda Lord”, extimacy, No. 3 (1996): 26-35

Untitled poetry, Dandelion Review, II, i, Fall 1985


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