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"A touching, powerful and elegantly written novel about contemporary marriage and the complex forces, both private and public, that bind people together and pull them apart."

- Ian McGuire, The Abstainer and The North Water, longlisted for the Man Booker Prize

"A stunning, intricate novel of one woman’s transformation as she
juggles family and career during the turmoil of the global financial crisis. With elegant prose, a deeply felt sense of place, and an emotional intelligence reminiscent o
f Anne Lamott and Elizabeth Strout, Rouverol affirms how chance connections between strangers, even fleeting ones, can give us the courage to remake ourselves."
- Barbara Barrow, The Quelling and An Unclean Place

Sara Greystone’s career as a public defender is spiraling after a disastrous court case, and now her husband’s IT career is also in jeopardy. A move to California is supposed to get them both back on their feet, but the state is in the midst of a crippling economic downturn—and then Sara’s mother falls seriously ill. In the face of migration, illness, unemployment, and the tantalising possibility of infidelity, Sara has to work out who she is and what she really wants.
Spanning 1997 to 2012, Dry River echoes Wallace Stegner’s classic Angle of Repose, moving across place and time to chart the slow collapse of a marriage alongside a declining US economy.

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"A compassionate and sorely needed book."

- Anthony Walton, The New York Times Book Review

Read an excerpt of the interviews with our narrator, Linda Lord.

"I Was Content and Not Content" is a strikingly original combination of oral history interviews, vivid photographs, and astute commentary. It provides an intimate and revealing look at the local effects of the globalization of industry while, at the same time, raising critical issues for anyone interested in collaborative oral history."

 - Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, Professor Emerita, Southern Oral History Program, UNC (Sisters and Rebels, Like a Family).

"I Was Content and Not Content" is the deeply personal story of a woman rooted for generations in Maine, who is changed forever as a result of the re-structuring of the global economy. Through the oral history storytelling tradition and through stunning photographs, Rouverol’s character grounds abstractions on the theories of globalizations within a personal and local context. It is a work of art and a work of oral history that would inspire discussion in a library, classroom, lecture hall or living room."

- Diana Cohn, Author and Educator (Crane Boy, Si Se Puede! Yes We Can!)

"I Was Content and Not Content” is the story of the social, human costs of industrial decline. It is a firsthand account of a plant closure, heavily illustrated through photographs and told through edited oral history interviews. It follows Linda Lord, a twenty-year veteran of Penobscot Poultry Co., Inc, in Belfast, Maine, and charts her experience when the plant—Maine’s last poultry-processing plant—closed its doors in 1988, costing over four hundred people their jobs and bringing an end to a once productive and nationally competitive agribusiness.

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